The Arlington "Hackers"

ECTC members now have another weekend opportunity to play recreational – and very social - tennis. The Arlington Hackers have now merged with ECTC as a stand-alone activity within the club.

History. Arlington Hackers has been in existence as a quasi-club but independent of the ECTC for over 35 years. At the same time, and until the old El Cerrito High School courts were removed, ECTC used to have its own very active mixed doubles drop-in at ECHS – year-round every Saturday and Sunday and functioning very similar to current Hackers.

How “Hackers” works (abbreviated version).

  • Hackers play at Arlington courts every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year from 9 – 11 am using all three courts. Players may drop in at any time but are encouraged to arrive close to 9am. Reservations and balls are provided.
  • Although there is not a minimum ability level, a member will be most comfortable if he/she is 3.0 or above. Men and women of all ages are welcome.
  • Play is short sets: first team to five games, no ad (if people are waiting). This provides a lot of play with different partners. Winners do not stay on the court. To expedite, a deck of cards is used to make most decisions. The focus is on FUN.
  • Membership is for 6-month periods (Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec), $35 paid in advance prior to start of the period. This fee pays for balls and reservations and avoids having to collect money at the courts. Every Hacker must be a current ECTC member.
  • To reduce waiting time on the courts, the Hacker roster is currently fixed at 50. New members may be added during the period if the roster has not been filled OR if the group feels additional members are appropriate (e.g., if a second court location is added to accommodate demand).
  • Potential members may ‘test drive’ playing with Hackers before joining.
  • ECTC’s USTA teams will continue to avoid conflicting with Hackers for their matches, however there may be occasional conflicts in which case Hackers will cancel or relocate for the day. These teams will usually schedule matches or team practices beginning at 11am, after Hackers.
  • The ‘Hacker-in-Chief’ coordinates the Hacker program and serves as liaison to the ECTC Board. The role includes making court reservations for six-month periods, keeping track of rain-out reservation credits, providing balls, collecting dues and maintaining financial records, maintaining the current roster, and coordinating with other ECTC Arlington court demands (club events and USTA matches). The current Hacker-in-Chief is Bob Guletz. Contact Bob if you wish to test drive or join Hackers or have questions.