USTA Leagues & ECTC Teams

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) leagues are nationally organized for amateur players of all levels. ECTC encourages its members to form teams to compete in the various team competitions. ECTC sponsors, i.e., grants a stipend to help pay entry fees and court reservation fees, for all ECTC teams. 


To qualify for ECTC sponsorship, all team members must be current ECTC members and hold valid City of El Cerrito tennis court permits.  Please refer to Membership pageTeam captains are responsible for verifying their team members’ compliance. 



Leagues and playing seasons for the 2016 USTA Adult Leagues:

Adult 40 & Over    January – March

Mixed 40 & Over    January – March

Norcal 65 & Over    March – May

Adult 18 & Over    April – June

Mixed 18 & Over    Mid-Jun – Mid-Sept

Adult 55 & Over    Mid-Jun – Mid-Sept

Norcal 70 & Over Daytime    Sept – December

Norcal Mixed 55 & Over    Sept – November

Norcal Combo 18 & Over Doubles    Sept – November

For detailed information go to the USTA website.



All members of a team must have the appropriate National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) rating for that team. The NTRP scale is a measure of playing skills. A rank of beginner is rated at 1.0. Rating ranges increase in increments of .5 up to 7.0, a world class player. Collegiate players are rated between 6.0 and 6.5; an intermediate club player would be rated between 2.5 and 3.5.

The top team in each local division must compete in the sectional playoffs and, if successful, the national playoffs.

It’s a great opportunity to test your skills. Log on to the NorCal USTA website or call the USTA Northern California Section at 510-748-7373 for league information.


CURRENT USTA TEAMS & CAPTAINS playing for the El Cerrito Tennis Club

Women’s 40+ 7.5    RJ Bruno and Geeta Bhatt

Women’s 55+ 7.0    Terry Cort and Geeta Bhatt 

Men’s 18+ 3.5A       Joel Maron  

Men’s 40+ 3.5A       Joel Maron  

Men’s 65+ 3.5A       Gib Cattanach and John Booker

For more information about joining an El Cerrito Tennis Club USTA team contact: info@ectennis.org