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The El Cerrito Tennis
Club is an independent tennis club operated in close association with the City of El Cerrito, California, intended primarily for the benefit of tennis players and not limited to El Cerrito residents.

Welcome to ECTC!

Three Divisions, Four Playoffs in Mixed Tournament

winners of the Fall 2014 mixed doubles tournament The club's annual mixed doubles tournament was held on Sunday, September 20. This year we had three divisions playing in three locations. The competition was so good that there were playoffs for first place in all three divisions, and in the 6.5 division, there was a playoff for second place. Congratulations to all!

In the 6.5 group, six teams played at Castro Park. In first place were Ester Mallouth and Nick Paige. Diane Li and Al Shew won the playoff for second. Ten 7.5 teams played at Arlington Park. The winners in this group were Alisa Genovese and Matt Golde. Taking the second-place prize were Gladys Guzman and Andy Dickey. In the top 8.0 group, six teams played at Cerrito Vista Park. Winners were RJ Bruno and Bill Leslie (pictured). The playoff went to a tiebreak, and Helen Bae and Gary Soto came in second.

When it was almost time for the picnic, another group showed up with a reservation. It turned out the city had issued ours with the wrong date on it. Fortunately, chef Laurens Kuypers had brought a propane grill, and it was easy to move it to the area near the stone bench. Thanks to Laurens and co-chef Jacob Martin for their flexibility.

Photographer Bob Nowacki learned that with his new camera he needs to bring an extra battery for long events. However, you can see pictures of the action before the playoffs at this Picasa web album.

Round Robin and Picnic 2015

Alisa and Terry high-fiving

Players came and went on a lovely July 19 to enjoy a great day of informal round robin doubles tennis and a picnic lunch. It was probably around 40 in all, though some only came for lunch! Many thanks to President Terry cort's husband Tom for once again serving as grillmaster.

See photos at this Picasa Web Album.

ECTC Players Serve Up the New Year

players arrive at a table set with coffee, bagels, and mimosasThe club's New Year's Red-Eye tennis event drew about 30 players to Arlington Park despite temperatures in the 40s. Everyone dressed in layers, which didn't start coming off until well after 11:00.

The courts were dry, and the sun was out, though at nearly the lowest angle of the year. "I lost the ball in the sun," said Darrell Staley, "and it was a groundstroke!" Coffee, bagels, and mimosas provided sustenance to the hardy players.

In the annual meeting, the board was confirmed, and the new membership structure was explained. Memberships are renewable right now, as explained below.

The first batch of photos is posted at this Picasa web album.

News from ECTC About Dues and Tennis Permits!

What Is New

Our members told us that we need to streamline the process of paying yearly ECTC membership dues and El Cerrito Recreation Department tennis permits. And we listened!

Starting January 2015, members can pay for their membership dues and tennis permit in one simple payment. The Club will take care of registering you with the El Cerrito Recreation Department. Proof of membership and tennis permit will be sent to all participating members.

Membership dues and tennis permits will now run from January to January.

Why We Are Doing This

We want it to be easy for our ECTC-sponsored USTA and BALL teams to have all their team members compliant with our rules — that everyone must be an ECTC member AND have an EC Recreation Department tennis permit.

The city requires everyone who plays on a reserved court to have a tennis permit. However, we also want to encourage all members to get a tennis permit. The money from these permits helps pay for resurfacing the courts as well as for overall maintenance.

We have some of the best public courts in the Bay Area — let's help keep them that way!

We're offering a SPECIAL 2015 RATE for a combined membership and tennis permit if paid by 03/31/2015. It's almost like getting an ECTC membership for free!

So it's a great solution if you play on a USTA or BALL team, Remember, you only pay once a year and can play on as many teams as you'd like during that year — combo, mixed, adult.

And even if you don't play on a USTA or BALL team, having both an ECTC membership and a permit allows you to reserve courts in El Cerrito, including the new EC High School courts!

How It Will Be Implemented

Go to our Join Now page: for details.

Thursday drop-in

ONGOING from the El Cerrito Tennis Club! A Thursday Evening Drop-in Round Robin, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Cerrito Vista courts.

Join us every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. for a drop-in round robin at the Cerrito Vista courts.

It's a casual drop-in round robin and open to all (you don't need to be an ECTC member, though we'd love you to join).

El Cerrito High School Still Needs Used Balls

El Cerrito High School PTSA is collecting used tennis balls to put on the bottom of chair legs in classrooms on the two upper floors of the buildings so that the noise of moving furniture around to create learning circles doesn't disturb those in the classroom below. The school has four buildings, each with two upper stories, so they need lots of tennis balls. Their goal is 13,000!

tennis ball shoes

Tennis balls can be dropped off at the ECHS main office on Ashbury Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 3:30, during both the summer and the school year.

The Club Goes Green

water useEl Cerrito Tennis Club supports our tennis teams in "going green."

We're asking our team captains to reduce the use of bottled water during home matches. ECTC has purchased a big Coleman container for this purpose and is encouraging the team captains to request the visiting teams to bring their own water containers to fill as needed. More...