ECTC Board of Directors


2018 Officers and Board of Directors


    President – Bob Guletz

    Treasurer – Jan Wilkins  

    Secretary - Ray Yep

    Director - City Liaison    Terry Cort

    Director - USTA Liaison    Margo Takemi

Director - Team Liaison Ellen deNeef

Director - Activities Liaison Ellen deNeef

    Director - Communications    Dawn Nakashima

    Director - Membership    Ray Yep

    Director - Men's Competitive Teams    Joel Maron

    Director - Women's Competitive Team    Geeta Bhatt


Committees:                         Chair:

    Membership                     Ray Rep

    USTA /Teams /BALL         Terry Cort (interim)

    Youth /Junior Programs    Ellen deNeef                   

    Communications               Dawn Nakashima  

    Nominating Committee     Bob Guletz

    Club Events                      Jan Wilkins


    City of El Cerrito – Terry Cort, Bob Guletz 

    Arlington Hackers – Susan Brand

    USTA – Bob Guletz

    USTA Team Captains - Terry Cort (interim)

    BALL Teams - Terry Cort (interim)  

    Junior Tennis Program - Ellen deNeef 


Any of the above can be contacted via the contact page.