ECTC Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

Date: August 28, 2018      Time: 6:12pm     Location: Casa Guletz, 1517 Sonoma Ave, Albany 

Attendees: Bob Guletz, Jan Wilkins, Terry Cort,  Margo Takemiya, Dawn Nakashima.



  1. President’s report (Bob) 

    1. Current calendar has been updated. 

    2. Hacker merger : Ray Yep and Ann DeRosa have volunteered to head up the administration duties until a permanent head is appointed.  Ray will collect dues and deposit them with Jan Wilkins, Treasurer. The balance will be set aside for Hackers only.  

  2. Treasurer’s report (Jan) 

    1. Financial report: Jan’s report contained income of $8,665.00 and expenses of $5,176.23 leaving us a net income of $3,488.77.  Her balance sheet indicates a total of $6,880.00 in assets and a total Liabilities & Equity of $6,880.00. 

    2. Noted a donation of $300 from Ray Yep and $50 from Ellen Hashiguchi. 

    3. A projected revenue/expense report for the rest of the year indicated a net loss of $1,671.60. 

  3. Secretary’s report (Bob due to Margo’s absence) 

    1. Previous minutes approved. 

    2. Team stipends (tabled from previous meeting) tabled due to absence of Joel and Geeta.  

  4. Liaison Director’s report (Terry): 

    1. Court rescheduling fee imposed by El Cerrito Recreation Dept:  

      1. Internal procedures to be developed but more details needed from city. 

      2. Status of repainting of pickle ball lines at Castro courts, no movement yet. 

      3.  New signs issue for all courts: Bob is inviting everyone to take pictures of the signs at other courts so we can give Chris Jones our version of the signs we want to have made.  Bob will merge all into the club’s version and submit to Chris. 

    2. City’s master list of teaching pros - There are conflicting requirements so must get more clarification from Chris Jones.  

  5. USTA/TEAMS/Youth Director’s report (Ellen, Geeta, Joel)

    1. 55+ 7.0 Women’s Team Geeta as captain, is going to playoffs the weekend of Sept 8-9, 2018. The 55+ 8.0 Women’s team with Dawn as captain (Ellen as co-captain) just missed playoffs.

  6. Communications Director’s Report (Dawn)

    1. Website: Evaluation of “Wanna Play” feature: Only one person has used it so far. Terry will use it as soon as she’s healed up from her sprain. 

    2. Newsletter: Due to timing of Stroll and Tournament publish date is moved to Sept 17, 2018.

    3. E-blasts: Solano Stroll and tournament.

    4. Laminated ECTC placard at each court location with biz card holder attached.  

  7. Membership Director’s report (Ray, absent):

    1. Current membership stands at 160.

    2. How to attract younger players (tabled from last meeting): Tabled. 

  8. Winslow Academy

    1. Were summer kids programs successful? No information. 

  9. Club Events - Planning Reports (Jan Wilkins)

    1. Drop-in RR, should we do it monthly?  Consensus is we should unless there is a major event going on e.g. Tournament or Barbecue

    2. Thursday evening drop-ins:going well, had approximately 9 last two Thursdays.

    3. MXD tournament Sept 16 first place will receive $25/each player, second place will receive visors. Jan is in charge of food, Ellen will get volunteers to help out as Terry, Bob, and  Margo will be out of town.

    4. Solano Stroll Sept 9: Dawn is working with John Simmet of Plaza Tennis to put together a booth. (which will be in front of Plaza Tennis)  She is bringing a canopy, banners have been ordered, need trash bins, chairs. John wants to do games and might have another raffle prize, Dawn made a clock from a wooden racquet which will be used for a silent auction item. We will do signups for prospective members. Dawn has a list of 9 volunteers for the booth.

  10. Transitioning to 501(c)3 organization:

    1. The possibility of 501(c)3 organization so we can accept tax deductible contributions was discussed. Bob will reach out to the members who are attorneys and get their feedback.

  11. El Cerrito Tennis Center?

    1. Next steps? Use ECTIA as sed money? Develop funding plan? Should we make this a major initiative  for 2019?  The consensus was yes.  


 NEXT MEETING: October 302018 (Tuesday)