ECTC Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes


Date: January 15, 2019 

Time: 6:00 pm 

Place: Bob’s house in Albany  

Present: Bob Guletz, Jan Wilkins, Terry Cort,  Margo Takemiya, Dawn Nakashima, Geeta Bhatt, Joel Maron, Ellen deNeef, Ray Yep  

The purpose of the meeting was to plan the ECTC activities in 2019. 

  1. Recap of 2018 positives and negatives 

    Positive actions in 2018 

  • Had a successful booth at the Solano Stroll. Cooperated well with Plaza Tennis. 

  • Increased membership by about 30%. 

  • Operated with a positive financial condition. 

  • Successfully increased the number of club events. 

  • Increased number of USTA teams. 

  • Incorporated Arlington Hackers as an ECTC activity. 

  • Regular communications to the membership and posting of information on our website. 

  • Use of Dropbox for Board information sharing and record keeping 

  • Positive inter-action of the Board. 

    What we could have done better in 2018 

  • Would like more younger members (defined as over 30). 

  • Would like to have opportunities for players ‘below 3.0’.  

  • Would like more members to help with club events; the Board was doing almost all of the work. 

  • The added drop-in on a week night in the summer did not have much participation. 

  • Planning for the future of the Hackers was a challenge. 


Planning for 2019 

Fun play 

  • Oversee the successful transition of the Hackers to the Arlington weekend drop in. Susan Brand is the new lead. 

  • Discussed and agreed to keep the all member drop ins from the Spring to Fall. Agreed to provide coffee and bagels and to schedule them at the Hacker times. 

  • Discussed and agreed to organize inter-club events. Ellen will check with Salesian and Richmond. Margo will check with Montclair. 

  • Discussed organizing a skills development program. Terry to discuss with Chris at the City. Joel, Terry, and Dawn will brainstorm the concept. 



  • Keep up the team activities in 2018. Consider organizing a 3.0 team (September season). 

  • Discuss with Alexander Winslow on ways to help each other (Terry and Ellen). 


Club events 

Discussed and decided to organize events as follows: 

April Drop in 

May No event 

June Mixed doubles tournament on June 2 

July No event 

Aug Drop in and picnic 

Sept Solano stroll 

Oct Drop in 

Discussed pros/cons of organizing a club ladder. Joel will draft an eBlast to ask members for their input. Dawn will research web-based ladder management options. 



  • Keep up what went well in 2018. 

  • Participate in the Solano Stroll again.  


  • Dawn to resolve the issue with our website

  • Keep up what went well in 2018.  


  • Keep up what went well in 2018.  


  • Get the City to install a porta potty at Cerrito Vista. Terry to discuss with Chris

  • Next court to overlay? CV becoming unsafe and has some settlement. Review and update previous field trip notes.  

Arlington Tennis Center 

  • Discussed and agreed to set up an exploratory committee. The members will be Bob, Terry, and Ellen and each of them will recruit a non-Board participant.  


  • The Board agreed to tentatively hold Board meetings on odd months, third Tuesdays for a total of 6 meetings/year. 

  • Regarding the bylaws, Margo recalls seeing a version of them when she was president. She has given all of her records to Susan Brand. Bob will check with Susan. Ray volunteered to draft a set of bylaws for the Board to consider. 

  • We decided to defer discussion of our non-profit status to a later date. 

  • Margo will check with the USTA NorCal regarding: what services they can provide, available grants, requirements to become CTA, buying insurance through USTA, whether they have an applicable bylaws template for public clubs.  


Priorities for 2019 

The consensus priorities in 2019 are:  

  1. A committee to conduct an evaluation for an Arlington Tennis Center 

  2. Preparation of bylaws and accompanying evaluation of insurance and non-profit status 

  3. Get the City to install porta potties at Cerrito Vista 

  4. Oversee the success of the Arlington weekend drop in 

  5. Evaluate a skill building program

  6. Consider creating a ladder 

  7. Set up inter-club social events 

  8. Build a committee structure to support the Board's efforts, which would encourage member participation (possibly including volunteer work hours) and would identify future leaders 


2019 calendar 

Bob handed out a draft calendar for 2019. Bob will update it based on the discussion


Summary of action items 

  • Susan Brand:   

  • New Hacker in chief 

  • Ellen

  • Check with Salesian and Richmond for inter-club event 

  • Arlington Tennis Center committee 

  • Margo

  • Check with Montclair on inter-club event 

  • Check with USTA NorCal on insurance and services they provide 

  • Bob

  • Arlington Tennis Center committee 

  • Update 2019 calendar 

  • Contact Susan Brand regarding bylaws 

  • Terry

  • Talk with Chris about porta potties at Cerrito Vista 

  • Brainstorm skills development program 

  • Arlington Tennis Center committee 

  • Joel

  • Brainstorm skills development program 

  • Prepare eblast for input on organizing a club ladder 

  • Dawn

  • Resolve website issue 

  • Brainstorm skills development program 

  • Ray

  • Prepare draft bylaws 


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm 

Minutes by Ray Yep