ECTC Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

Date: March 14, 2018      Time: 6:10pm     Location: Casa Guletz, 1517 Sonoma Ave, Albany 

Attendees: Bob Guletz, Jan Wilkins, Terry Cort,  Margo Takemiya, Ellen de Neef, Dawn Nakashima, Joel Maron,and Ray Yep. (Geeta was absent) 



  1. President’s report (Bob)
    • New agenda format used with notes/activities and calendar at end.
    • Hacker report - Hackers with discuss a new direction for hackers, having one day set aside for more experienced players and other day for less experienced players, same format, 6 mo payments.
    • It will possibly we done between May - June, the city needs 2 weeks for the contractor.

  2. Treasurer’s report (Jan)
    • Financial report: Jan’s report contained income of $5,735.00 and expenses of $2,410.83 leaving us a net income of $3,32417.00.
    • Suggestions were given to save money, e.g. buying bagels at Costco.

  3. Secretary’s report (Margo)
    • Previous minutes approved with no corrections.
  4. Liaison Director’s report (Terry)
    • City of El Cerrito: Permit system cancellation is moving along, still in place for reservations, no enforcement by ECTC for team members.
    • ECHS: No movement on bathroom access by the public or a reservation system for the high school courts.  The Asst to school superintendent, Marcus Waldon must be contacted first.
    • Relocation of 3 trees at Arlington courts: Last email to Stephen Free indicated they would be moved in a couple of weeks. No hard date was given.
    • Bathroom locks for Arlington clubhouse: No action from the city as of today.

    • Tennis court signage - No action from Chris Jones.  Club will do laminated signs to put up (Dawn)

    • Extra windscreen to be put up, message needed to Bill Driscoll at city.  Kudos to the city for replacing benches at Arlington with larger wood slats and no ‘feet’ sticking out to trip people, all plaques were replaced on the benches.

    • Money left over from ECTIA (El Cerrito Tennis Improvement Association) grant, can be used for next project ~ $7500.

  5. USTA/Teams/Youth Director’s report (Ellen, Geeta, Joel)
    • Mixed Doubles team season completed. 3-7 season.
    • There will be a 65+ team with John Booker as captain in addition to Geeta’s W65+ and Gib’s 70+, Joel also has a 40+ team.

  6. Communications Director’s report (Dawn):
    • Evaluation of “Tennis Buddy”, one person said couldn’t get anything out of it.
    • Decision made not to print directory but to allow persons to log into our website with a password to access info. The club will save $300 on printing. Dawn will look into password usage on website. An eblast will be done for the newsletter and one for directory online usage. USTA levels have not been added but will be an item to be discussed. Need articles from people especially from Joel who caught an autographed ball from Serena Williams at the recent Indian Wells tournament.

    • Dawn created 500 business cards for ECTC and handed them out for distribution.  They cost                      less then $20.

  7. Membership Director’s report (Ray): 
    • Ray reported we now have 118 members. He sent out 35 reminders to those from 2017, received about 10-12 positive responses to join.
    • Usage of dropbox seems to be acceptable, people are using it, e.g. Margo, Bob, Ray.

  8. Winslow Academy
    • One clinic was moderately successful, only 8 interested.  Alexander hasn’t rejoined the club this year yet.
  9. Club Events (Jan Wilkins)
    • Thursday evening drop-ins: 3 new people joined from Thursday.
    • Round Robin Drop-in: Next one in June possibly, maybe during a weekday evening to attract younger, working people? Tabled for the next meeting.


NEXT MEETING: May 16, 2018