ECTC Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

Date: October 30, 2018      Time: 6pm     Location: Casa Guletz, 1517 Sonoma Ave, Albany 

Attendees: Bob Guletz, Terry Cort, Ellen deNeef, Jan Wilkins, Dawn Nakashima, Ray Yep, Joel Maron and Geeta Bhatt (Margo Takemiya absent)



  1. President’s report (Bob) 

    1. Election 2019: All in attendance are willing to serve again. ACTION: Bob will ask Margo regarding her commitment to continue. Election as usual at Red Eye Jan 1. But Board agreed to prioritize review of old By Laws to, among other updates, revise the officer list and election procedures. Should we stagger the terms and have two year terms? Should we vote by email to allow whole membership to vote, not just those at annual meeting Jan 1? Should we have term limits? ACTION: At January Planning Meeting, discuss By Law update as a priority for 2019 and forming a committee. ACTION: eBlast and newsletter by Nov 15 to call for nominees (reply by Dec 1). Even though we’re not ‘recruiting’, we’re looking for members interested in getting involved in running ECTC now or in the future (ie they could also serve on committee or volunteer to help at events).

    2. 2019 Planning Meeting set for Tuesday, Jan 15 after the holidays. General members welcome to attend. ACTION: January 2 send eBlast announcing meeting and asking for planning and activity ideas for the meeting, perhaps a SurveyMonkey list of questions regarding what members want from our club.

    3. Arlington Hackers: Board in agreement to divide into Hackers and Whackers per Bob’s summary effective January 1, 2019. Well-received by current Hackers and others who were asked if they might join. ACTION: Bob, Ray and Ann DeRosa will update the program summary then roll out the program in (a) email to current Hackers and (b) eBlast to ECTC members BY DEC 1. Some details discussed tonight: allow three ‘test drives’ before requiring payment; Get a new wHacker-in-Chief; consider renaming to “Weekend Drop-in” with Hacker and Whacker terms referring to Sat or Sun player distinction; need to fine-tune dues amount and budget;  Make a smallish banner or laminated placard for the fence welcoming new participants to try then join; start with reserving only two courts but expand to three if warranted; activity will be a break-even enterprise within ECTC’s bank account. Also discussed impact on USTA teams but confirmed that this activity serves a vital need for all members, that USTA practices can work around the 9-11 Hacker time, and Hackers will cancel or relocate if necessary due to impacted USTA matches (as is current practice).   

  2. Treasurer’s report (Jan) 

    1. Financial report: Huge turn-around in finances since a year ago. Money in the bank is $5,400 vs $2,800. Mostly due to increase membership from 130 to 178 and resulting dues collected increasing from $4,600 to $7,700 this year. 2017’s loss was $1,950. Kudos to all for this success. ACTION: Voted to keep dues at $45 for 2019 for residents and non-residents.  

    2. Insurance: paid in Sept; $642 per year – a large amount. ACTION: Terry and Bob will formally ask City what they require. ACTION: Jan will ask USTA what they require and/or recommend and why. ACTION: Jan will obtain a full copy of the insurance policy (not just the certificate) and email to Bob and Terry).  

    3. Tax-exempt status to enable fund-raising: Bob asked member-attorneys Califano, Weiner, and Zweben with no success. ACTION: Bob expand his request to Booker, Takemiya, and Beatty. ACTION: Terry/Bob ask City what ways City might collect tax-deductible donations on our behalf.

    4. Team Stipends: ACTION: Discuss at Planning Meeting for 2019 stipends  

  3. Secretary’s report (Margo absence) 

    1. Approval of minutes by Margo as revised by Bob: Board meeting #5 (August 28)

  4. Liaison Director’s report (Terry): 

    1. El Cerrito (next meeting with Chris scheduled for early November):

      1. Court rescheduling charge (still an issue?); develop internal ECTC procedures to avoid

      2. Castro Courts Pickle Ball painted lines; Repainting status report (black lines)

      3. Harding resurfaced but cracks only repainted, and surface is slippery

      4. Cerrito Vista lights out of adjustment

      5. Signs: Photo examples of other cities’ courts rules signs? ACTION: Bob draft recommended single sign covering all rules for City’s consideration

      6. Teaching pros allowed at EC courts – City to clarify procedures and requirements 

  5. USTA/TEAMS/Youth Director’s report (Ellen, Geeta, Joel)

    1. ECTC USTA teams: Current Women’s and men’s 7.5 combo teams and Booker/Gib 70+ team end in December. Recruiting now for next season – Registration November, start play January. Need 40+ women willing to play singles. ACTION: Ellen write eBlast for early November recruiting team players for next season.

    2. BALL teams: No change…three teams currently. There are openings for new members.

    3. NorCal USTA: We do not typically attend annual meeting (Alameda Nov 3)

  6. Communications Director’s Report (Dawn)

    1. Website: ‘wanna play’ feature only several posts but keep it. 

    2. Newsletter: ACTION: Articles due Nov 6 for publication Nov 13. Include: October drop-in result, Harding resurfacing, Annual Planning Meeting, Annual membership meeting and elections at RedEye Jan 1; Thursday evening drop-in success; Board meeting summary

    3. e-Blasts: Forthcoming (separate) topics: 2019 dues Notice Dec 1; wHackers info Dec 1

  7. Membership Director’s report (Ray):

    1. Membership renewal process: ACTION: BEFORE Dec 1 eBlast goes out, Dawn will revise on-line and hand-out forms to add (a) self-rating and (b) ‘preferred’ phone number

    2. New members: ACTION: Dawn will include list of new members in each newsletter since the previous newsletter. ACTION: Ray will cc Board with welcome letters to new members.

  8. Younger members: ACTION: Discuss at planning meeting January

  9. Arlington Courts

    1. Storeroom: ACTION: Ask City who besides ECTC uses it.  ACTION: Terry set a time to clean out and organize (Terry, Bob, Jan, Geeta volunteered); require each ECTC group to have their own box; Bob organize racks/hooks to hang equipment. Jan donating step ladder. See Bob’s memo and photos for statement of current conditions.

    2. Add court divider netting? After discussion of court size limitations, it was voted to drop the discussion because USTA requires 12 feet between courts; we have only 10 feet.

    3. El Cerrito Tennis Center at Arlington: Major discussion at Planning Meeting January 15.

  10. Events - Planning & Reports

    1. Club Events (Jan)

      1. Drop-ins: Decision: no more for 2018; New wHacker program will replace these drop-ins for 2019

      2. Thursday evenings Drop-Ins: Successful typically 8-10 show up; most join ECTC

      3. MXD tournament Sep 16:  Revenue $140; Expense $345 (food/prizes). Winners got $25 each ($100); second places got visors; Court rsvp $180. ACTION: discuss how to increase participation at our Annual Planning Meeting.

  11. Solano Stroll (Sept 9 - review) (Dawn)

    1. ACTION: Discuss at Planning Meeting adjustments for 2019

  12. 2019 Planning Meeting January 15, 2019, location TBD

    1. Agenda: Prioritize goals and initiatives, 2018 financial review; 2019 budget; set 2019 dues; set 2019 calendar (plus items noted in these minutes)

  13. Update Calendar of Events (see below)


 NEXT MEETING: January 152019 (Tuesday)  

NOTE 1: 2018 Calendar of Events (revised 30Oct2018)

Oct 30:  Board Meeting #6

Nov 13:  Newsletter #6 (Board articles by Nov 6)

Dec 1:    Begin member renewal process

Dec 1:    Begin wHacker info and renewal process

Jan 1:    Red Eye Drop-in and Annual Membership Meeting/Election

Jan 15:  Annual Planning Meeting, location TBD

Each Thurs: Evening Drop-in