ECTC Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes


Date: May 21, 2019 

Time: 5:30 pm 

Place: Ray’s house in Berkeley  

Present: Bob Guletz, Jan Wilkins, Terry Cort, Dawn Nakashima, Geeta Bhatt, Joel Maron, Ray Yep and Susan Brand

This was a regular meeting of the ECTC Board.  

1.    President’s report

  1. A. Board bios – the bios in the next newsletter will be from Terry, Geeta, and Ellen

    B. Bylaws – Ray suggested the following changes to the previously approved bylaws:

    ·       Delete the staggering of Board terms

    ·       Add an Activities Director and Communications Director to our list of officers.


    Bob also suggested adding language about holding an annual meeting. A motion was made to rescind the previous approval, to incorporate the changes discussed, and for Bob to make the final edits (Ray/Terry, unanimous approval).


    C. Strategic planning – Ray said that he is leading the preparation of a strategic plan for the Berkeley Democratic Club and this would be an opportune time to conduct one for the ECTC. All Board members agreed and we discussed the following:

    ·       Ray will write a paragraph description of the time commitment to participate in the planning workshops.

    ·       Each Board member shall submit a recommended person to participate in the planning workshops to Ray. Please consider participants for diversity of input.

    ·       We will target to hold the 1st workshop on a Saturday in July, possibly 4 – 7 pm. The location will be determined later./


    Bob asked that each Board member submit their major vacations this summer to him, so that he can plan our Board meetings and workshops.


    2.    Treasurer’s report

    Jan provided a handout of the club’s profit/loss from Nov. 2018 to May 2019. We have a current net income of $3,666.


    3.    Approval of minutes

    Minutes from the March 27, 2019 Board meeting were approved unanimously.


    4.    Membership report

    Ray reported that we currently have 138 paid members. By comparison, we had 139 in 2017 and 182 in 2018. We anticipate that the membership will increase with signups for the new teams, possibly to about 160. Bob will be more active in NextDoor to attract new members. Bob will get a list of teaching pros in the local area and will ask Ray to send letters to them. The objective is to ask them to promote joining the ECTC.


    5.    El Cerrito liaison report

    Terry reported on the following discussions with Chris Jones.

    A. Cerrito Vista will be resurfaced this August. Arlington may be resurfaced this year also.

    B. Discussed installing a porta potty at Cerrito Vista. There is no resolution on funding the monthly maintenance for it.


    6.    USTA liaison



    7.    Team reports



    8.    Communications report



    9.    Tennis center update



    10.Weekend and Thursday drop ins



    11.Interclub events



    12.Club ladder



    13.Review of calendar



    14.Other topics



    Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. 

    Minutes by Ray Yep and Bob Guletz.